Quick Start

(installing the WAR file?  see the instructions on the Help Page)

  1. PRE-Requisite
    • Java JDK installed
    • not just the JRE... you need the development kit (JDK)
    • either latest version 7 or version 8

  2. Download the PowerEYERunner.zip file

  3. Unzip it somewhere where you have WRITE permission
    • maybe your user home directory
    • this directory is where the EagleDB database files will live and store all your data

  4. Execute the run.bat or run.sh file
    • or Open a command prompt window and type: run.bat or run.sh
    • the run command takes an optional parameter to specify a different port
      • for example:   run 8181
      • will run PowerEYE on port 8181
    • the run script should automatically find your JDK but if not, you might need to set the path to your JDK manually.
      This is all you need to start PowerEYE Runner:
      "%JDK_HOME%\bin\java" -cp classes ca.bc.webarts.tools.PowerEYERunner

  5. Test it by visiting the URL http://localhost:8080/powereye

    Now tell the Eagle HAN to send its messages to PowerEYE...
  6. Go to the Eagle's web page, 
    1. click on settings, 

    2. click on the cloud drop-down drawer, 

    3. depending on the eagle firmware version; you either choose 
      1. manual enter the following PowerEYE listener URL
        • http://<IPAddressOfYourComputer>:8080/powereye/eagle
        • <Use the actual IP for your computer - ie.>
        • NOTE: the "eagle" part of the URL path

      2. or you click the cloudWithAPlus sign to add a new provider to the list;
        1. fill in the PowerEYE listener URL discussed above, 
        2. then go back to the main provider list, 
        3. select your new provider and 
        4. click set cloud

  7.  wait (maybe 10-30 seconds) until is registers with the PowerEYE listener
    • The Eagle web page should turn green
    • The little cloud LED on the actual Eagle HAN device should turn Green

  8. Visit  http://localhost:8080/powereye and start seeing your power data
Leave it running to collect your data.