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OwnerDue DatePriorityComponentDescriptionComplete
tom February 28, 2018 00 Critical Patch Derby DB BUG: Missing readings - Testing FIX: was missing commit  
tom  10 1.x DOT-Release Eagle Listener DemandMessage Frequency Selector: choose how often/frequency of Demand Messages to store - 8sec,15,60, 15min, 30Min and then average the message that come in and store only every 60 seconds.  
tom February 8, 2015 10 1.x DOT-Release Overall PowerEYE Test Packaging  
tom February 13, 2015 10 1.x DOT-Release WebAPP interface Fix non-functioning/missing sidebar data on table pages due to ajax call issues.  
tom March 2, 2015 10 1.x DOT-Release WebAPP interface Fix the excessively long processing of results into JS Array.  
tom May 2, 2015 10 1.x DOT-Release Derby DB Temperature Table: store ID,timestamp, weatherStationID, temp, wind, rain  
tom May 2, 2015 10 1.x DOT-Release Derby DB PriceTable : stores the ID,timestamp,price,level  
tom May 2, 2015 10 1.x DOT-Release Overall PowerEYE add meter IDs to tables to allow multiple message sources  
tom April 30, 2018 10 1.x DOT-Release Overall PowerEYE FIX: ISY Power/Energy vars need to be dynamically allocated instead of hard coded  
tom April 30, 2018 10 1.x DOT-Release Derby DB snapshot ISY Devices that are on: time based and based on a significant change in demand  
tom April 30, 2018 10 1.x DOT-Release Web Site Add numReading text box to charts pages  
tom May 11, 2018 10 1.x DOT-Release Web Site Visualize the ISY Device State overlaid on kw  
tom February 5, 2015 10 DOT-Release Web Site Add devices to animated image  
tom February 6, 2015 10 DOT-Release Web Site Enable website Analytics  
tom February 6, 2015 10 DOT-Release Web Site Create Help and FAQ Pages  
tom February 6, 2015 10 DOT-Release Web Site Website ready for beta release  
tom February 8, 2015 10 DOT-Release Overall PowerEYE Create Email Addr  
tom February 8, 2015 10 DOT-Release Web Site Create Discussion Group  
tom February 8, 2015 10 DOT-Release WebAPP interface Remove unused jqWidgets libs  
tom February 8, 2015 10 DOT-Release Web Site URL Forwards  
tom February 9, 2015 10 DOT-Release Web Site Test Website URL Forwards  
tom February 16, 2015 20 1.0 Release Overall PowerEYE Fix the JDK path problems in run.bat  
tom March 1, 2015 20 1.0 Release WebAPP interface Add delimited raw data export from tables (without going through a JS table). Use the REST service /rest/db/table/reading  
tom March 29, 2015 20 1.0 Release Derby DB Archive/Backup DB function - use REST service /rest/db/table/<tableName>  
tom March 29, 2015 30 development Overall PowerEYE Build a package with the JDK distributed with the app  
tom March 29, 2015 30 development WebAPP interface refactor queries to use cache readings first  
tom March 31, 2015 30 development Derby DB dd Current Weather recording and Web Indicator (  
tom April 12, 2015 30 development Overall PowerEYE Evaluate Raspberry PI deployment  
tom May 2, 2015 30 development Eagle Listener R&D Store and Forward Proxy (Servlet) for Eagle Messages  
tom June 29, 2018 30 development Overall PowerEYE slimmed down version of the war file that includes only the listener servlet (no web interface, &/or no Embedded Jetty Web/Servlet engine  
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