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A few last feature in progress...

posted Jul 15, 2015, 9:48 PM by Tom Gutwin
I have added a few configuration options for:
  • enabling/disabling the ISY connectivity
  • changing the reading cache size (that controls the default number of readings get dumped out in the charts and rest calls)
  • improved PowerEYE Admin servlet page
There is no robust way to dump the database tables out, so that is the last item I am adding for V 1.0.  I have considered various ways to implement this (SQL dialog page, dump a zip file, REST call, or a dedicated dervlet).
I am adding a REST call that will dump out the DB tables to plain text (probably a delimited string).
It will be able to be called WITHOUT going through the Web pages. That way it has minimal overhead and potential problems.

These items will be released in an 0.9 that will lead to a Release Candidate.
1.0  is still coming!