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1.0 Release Candidate Now Avaialable

posted Jul 17, 2015, 8:07 PM by Tom Gutwin   [ updated Jul 18, 2015, 9:31 PM ]
I have completed the planned items I wanted to include in a 1.0 release.
In preparation, I am releasing a Release Candidate (version 0.99.RC.3). 
Direct link to the file; See the download page for other downloads

Features are now frozen for the 1.0 release.
Only bugs will be fixed before 1.0.

Changes since last beta release:
  • The ISY configuration is now enabled/disabled on the Options page
  • The Readings cache size (used internally) was increased and can now be changed on the options page.
  • Database tables can now be archived/dumped out without having to go through the Web Pages
    • Use the REST style service calls
    •            http://localhost:8080/powereye/rest/db/table/<tablename>
                    <tablename> can be reading, energy, load_device, load_type
            or with the optional <number of rows>
               positive number means sorted descending (newest 1st)
               negative number means sorted ascending (oldest 1st)
            These database calls are LOOOOooong so you might want to use a commandline URL query tool like
            wget, or perl or java or whatever.

  • Improved DerbyDB stability, initialization and shutdown hooks.
  • Fixed some menu bugs
  • (attempted to) fix some AJAX threading issues.
    • These are still exposing themselves in a few non-crucial places (the sidebar values don't show up on some pages)
  • Various bug fixes.
note: that the zip file is now to large for this sites limits, so the zip now gets downloaded from a Google Drive location. The link used above should make that transparent.