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What is the current status of PowerEYE?

posted Feb 7, 2015, 12:41 PM by Tom Gutwin   [ updated Feb 10, 2015, 8:13 PM ]
  • The persistence engine is working really well.
    • It uses a non-blocking message queue that is multi-threaded so the Eagle messages can come in at any rate without loss or impact to the user frontend.
    • Right now the Eagle is posting a power reading approximately once every 10 seconds.
    • It is also receiving energy and pricing messages.
    • It has been collecting for almost 6 months (at 10 second intervals) with no crashes or problems
    • its a lot of data.
  • The web frontend is a Java Server Page (JSP) based web app that also leverages JQuery and jQWidgets
    • it displays on a tablet or PC without much difference.
    • it will adjust its sizing and display if you view PowerEYE on your phone.
    • Its Already has:
      • various Zoomable Watts and kWhr charts
      • Direct Read-Only access to the DB tables
      • export of the data (csv, xls, json, xml)
      • ISY-994 integration (variables and device control)
      • REST style service URLs

It has been deployed on Jetty 6, Jetty 9 , and httpd/Tomcat.