PowerEYE is your own WebAPP to access & archive your Rainforest Eagle power meter data (privately) to your own computer.
  • Do you have a new smart meter from your power utility?

    • Do you also have a Rainforest Eagle energy access gateway device that talks to your meter and collects your power & energy usage data?

      • Do you also want more information from your Eagle; like exported data, customized charts or XML data from a RESTful style request?

        • Do you have concerns about the privacy of sending your data over the internet just to see some detailed usage charts or download your data?
  • BONUS ... Do you also have a UDI ISY-994 home controller that you want to control or send the Rainforest Eagle messages to?
Then this might be of interest to you...
PowerEYE Panel

Download and use it for FREE

It is written in Java, so it will run on any computer OS with a Java JDK installed.

Its also open source, so you can change it to suit your needs.

All the details of the WebAPP are on the Project Details page.

OwnerDue DateDescriptionComplete
tom February 8, 2015 Test Packaging  
tom February 13, 2015 Fix non-functioning/missing sidebar data on table pages due to ajax call issues.  
tom March 2, 2015 Fix the excessively long processing of results into JS Array.  
tom March 29, 2015 Build a package with the JDK distributed with the app  
tom March 29, 2015 refactor queries to use cache readings first  
tom March 31, 2015 dd Current Weather recording and Web Indicator (http://openweathermap.org/api)  
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  • Release Candidate 4 I just released a Release Candidate (version 0.99.RC.4).  Direct link to the PowerEYERunner.zip file; See the download page for other downloadsIt includes a few bug ...
    Posted Aug 20, 2015, 7:06 PM by Tom Gutwin
  • 1.0 Release Candidate Now Avaialable I have completed the planned items I wanted to include in a 1.0 release.In preparation, I am releasing a Release Candidate (version 0.99.RC.3).  Direct link ...
    Posted Jul 18, 2015, 9:31 PM by Tom Gutwin
  • A few last feature in progress... I have added a few configuration options for:enabling/disabling the ISY connectivitychanging the reading cache size (that controls the default number of readings get dumped out in the ...
    Posted Jul 15, 2015, 9:48 PM by Tom Gutwin
  • I am still here... I have just been looking at a few other things recently.Like a new Raspberry PI, how to proxy and forward  the Rainforest messages.
    Posted May 29, 2015, 8:18 PM by Tom Gutwin
  • Plans For Version 1.0 I have been working on stability items and fixing bugs.There are only a few small items I want to add before I call it Version 1.0.Fix/Improve ...
    Posted Mar 3, 2015, 10:14 PM by Tom Gutwin
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